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The MCA3C is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within Austria.

The chapter was established in 2014. All MCAA members residing in the chapter’s geographical area can become a member of the Austrian Chapter. Membership of a Chapter is free! Currently, there are more than 100 officially registered members from different research disciplines including educational psychology, nanotechnology, biomedical imaging, and chemical engineering.

Join our chapter and become an active member! We believe that a strong and supportive MCA3C community will have the potential to strengthen Austria's research prestige and broaden local research landscape and output. 



MCA3C board is maintaining strategies to foster collaboration among members and to improve communication inside the chapter through the following activities:

  • Organizing workshops 
  • Organizing Career Development Events 
  • Newsletter to keep members informed about planned activities 


New activities: 


1. Environmental Conservation Initiative: We are collaborating with local non-profit organizations such as Lernviertel in Spital am Pyhrn (Upper Austria). The organization collects used items (clothes, books, shoes, toys, etc.) that would otherwise end up in the landfills hence negatively impacting the environment. They sort and make these items available for reuse by the local communities for free and sometimes flea markets. They also support NGOs such as orphanages in impoverished countries with these items.  Find more about LernViertel here and there .

(i) We would like to be part of this environmental conservation program by spending 2 weekends / year (1 in summer and another in winter) to volunteer at the facility, helping to sort the items and also to organize workshops to sensitize children about environmental protection.

(ii) Financial contributions through fundraising and potentially grants to help them maintain the facility and meet logistics costs when shipping used items to beneficiaries in impoverished countries.

(iii) Support the local tourism industry which basically relies on nature in this region by organizing a social get together over the weekend which we can begin after volunteering at LernViertel. It could be hiking, skiing, camping, etc. Spending one night at any of the hotels in the region comes with many free additional offers such as public transport, cable car rides, roller coaster rides, etc.


2. MCA3C - UNHCR Collaboration on Environmental, Healthcare and Education Initiatives. We are inviting volunteer researchers in those areas to sign up, indicating their area of expertise and availability until 11th December 2020 to act as pro-bono consultants (Environmental and Healthcare) and mentors for undergraduate refugee science students here:  Feel free to send inquiries to

3. Celebrations. Austria can sometimes be a lonely place. We would like to send you birthday greetings on a monthly basis. We are compiling the date of birth (only day and month. The year is entirely optional) here. The excel sheet has 12 sub sheets, 12 months, please select your month. In addition to that, we would like to celebrate your publications. It's always important to use any opportunity to communicate your research to the public. We shall include these links permanently on the website and once you give us this information, we will share your achievements. Here is the link to the publications form here.       



Meet MCA3C board


The chapter is administrated by the chapter board who are voted by the members.


Dr. Antonino Puglisi



Katarzyna Ślipko



Ingrid Camargo

Public Relations 


Mag. Dr. Clara Gomes-Koban

Newsletter Editor


Prof. Stefan Spirk



Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities