As the Chair of an official MCAA chapter, you are invited to join this group to have conversations and discussions concerning chapter events and issues. The Chair of any chapter will have the right to join the discussion platform.

This Working Group will coordinate the official MCAA Chapters and guide the Chapters to function smoothly and efficiently. The Management WG will act as the contact point for any inter-Chapter issues and queries regarding Chapter events. In principle, the Management WG is for the coordination of MCAA Chapters in their provision of services to the members. So, please direct your questions, or suggestions, or conflicting issues, to the Management WG e-mail ( The Management WG will do its best to solve the issues. 

In this group, we plan to organise inter-Chapter meetings to share ideas and knowledge. We also plan to find suitable dates to meet via SKYPE or Google Hangout around every two months to share your experiences or event proposals with the other Chairs, so that we all work collectively for MCAA.

Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities