Bridging Science and Business

Bridging science and business

The “Bridging Science and Business” working group (BSB WG) is a section of MCAA that unites people who understand the need to bridge science and academia.

We strive to assist the community in establishing the link before these two worlds. We acknowledge that it is not easy, and it gives us a push to be extra active and motivated.

The philosophy of the group is in doing, rather than talking. The worlds of business and academia around us are changing fast, and we also move fast. If you wish to be actively involved in the life of the group, please write to the chair (currently Pavlo Bazilinskyy) at and join the group here. If you would rather follow the activities of the group without active participation, please follow updates of the group without requesting to join.


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Aims and objectives:

 To bring together research and business in Europe and beyond.

 To share knowledge on the topics from both worlds of business and science. Such knowledge should be publicly accessible and free, when possible

 To create a community for entrepreneurs in the MCAA community as an initiator for a global initiative at the whole European level.

 To participate in both MCAA-led and external initiatives aimed to bridge business and research.

 To establish a platform to help members of MCAA in starting their startups.

 To engage in the discussion with other groups of MCAA on policy making.


 Yearly conference aimed at bringing together local research and business and providing training opportunities for both MCAA member and the public. For example, event in Gdansk in 2017, event in Paris in 2018.

 Monthly webinars on various interesting topics with speakers from both MCAA and beyond. Available as a YouTube playlist.

 Organisation of sessions during MCAA General Assembly meetings.

 Participation in the discussion on how to bridge science and industry.




Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities