Hungarian Chapter

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The Hungarian Chapter was founded and approved in 2016. 

This group is open to any MCAA member of Hungarian nationality, and/or based in Hungary.


Planned activities for the Sept 2018-August 2019 period (some will probably just started):

 to run our FB group and share relevant information with the members,

  being present at the Researchers Night (28-29 Sept)

 trying to get presentation slots about MSCA and MCAA at the open days and carrier fairs of the universities we belong to.

  one chapter meeting and seminar together with a working group of MCAA to enhance chapter- WG synergies and cooperations. 

  we plan to refresh our communication with Euraxess and the National Contact Point and is some cities/unies organising common events, based on preliminary "are you interested" surveys, for current MSCA supervisors, fellows, and those how plan to apply or want to share their experiences especially regarding practical issues.

  common participation of the Hungarian Chapter at the Annual Conference and General Assembly. 

  to be available is any current MSC fellow in Hungary needs assistance or help. 




If you are interested, be active, pick a task and run it!

To contact the Hungarian Chapter, please send your message to



Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities