A Webinar On Perspective Of Team Coaching in H2020, MSCA, ITN projects.

by Deepak Palaksha

If you have any of the following topics that resonate with you. 

*The Lessons Learned from a complex project are important to you
*You'd like to listen to recommendations from experts in their field
*You'd like to interact in the Q& A session (30 minutes) after the webinar (1 hour)
*You want to become part of a powerful network
*You are a manager, student, lecturer, coach, consultant or a person interested in learning
*You'd like to download the webinar afterwards
*(Gender) Diversity is important
*You are curious about the new concept for developing high potentials

The webinar would throw light upon the unique team coaching approach from several different insights: high potentials, supervisory board members, coordinator, coach, and the European Commission Committee.

Recommended audience: Early-stage researchers, Individual Fellows, Project -Coordinators, PI, Coach, European Commission, etc.


please register for the webinar to hear insights from the H2020, MSCA, ITN project that had first-hand experience with the team coaching.

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